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3D Scanning & Manufacturing
3D Scanning & Manufacturing
Complete 3D Laser Scanning And Manufacturing Package
3D Scanning

A complete 3D Scanning and Manufacturing Package which includes hardware and user friendly wizard based software for scanning, editing and saving of 3D models, prior to manufacture on a Denford CNC Router.
Ideal for Reverse Engineering Applications.

EasySCAN 3D Laser Scanning and Manufacturing Package comes with everything you need to laser scan and digitise objects in 3 dimensions, directly into your PC and then manufacture on one of Denford’s CNC Routers.

It is an easy to use, cost effective solution for reverse engineering applications, which gives fantastic results every time....

The EasySCAN 3D Laser Scanning and Manufacturing Package incorporates user-friendly wizard based software for scanning, editing and saving of 3D models, prior to manufacture on a Denford CNC Router. The EasySCAN 3D Laser Scanner attachment has full 360-degree scanning capability when used in conjunction with the supplied 4th Axis Programmable Rotary Fixture.

3D Scanning

Denford’s EasySCAN 3D Laser Scanning and Manufacturing Package includes:

Wizard Based Software for scanning, editing and saving 3D models before manufacture.

CNC Machine Options

  • Router 2600 Pro (Metal Cutting)
  • Router 2600
  • Compact 1000 Pro (Metal Cutting)
  • MRC 40

4th Axis Programmable Rotary Fixture including QuickCAM 4D Milling CAM Software.

Tooling for use with a range of resistant materials including hardwood, softwood, plastic, modelling foam, acrylic and prototyping materials.

A set of work holding clamps.

Consumables package including:

  • 50 Round Pine Billets (65mm dia x 150mm long)
  • 50 High Density Foam Billets (70mm dia x 150mm long)
  • 50 High Density Foam Billets (150 x 110 x 45mm)
3D HD Scanning
NextEngine 3D HD Scanning
Affordable, Easy To Operate 3D Scanning
3D HD Scanning

NextEngine uses 4 lasers for high scanning speeds and cleaner scan data. The scanner measures 50,000 points per second to create highly detailed digital models that can be exported on .stl, .obj and .vrml amongst other file formats. There are no scan limits, as larger scans can easily be meshed together.
Optional software allows scanned models to be saved in CAD format for editing in 3D CAD packages such as SolidWorks.

3D HD Scanning

In one package, everything you need to quickly scan and digitise physical objects
Schools have discovered the hands-on learning power of classroom Rapid Prototyping, with 3D input and output linked to CAD and computer generated imaging (CGI) systems. 3D Printing lets students quickly create physical models, and 3D Scanning lets them digitize reference samples and revisions to their 3D prints. Get full scanning and modelling with a low-cost NextEngine HD Scanner.

Scanner Desktop 3D Scanner
Multi-laser precision provides 127-micron measuring accuracy and texture capture for creation of highly detailed, full-colour 3D models.
Positioner Automated Positioner
Enables one-button alignment of multiple scans to speed 3D model creation.
Scan Studio CD Scan Studio
Scan Control Software Points to MESH. Essential tools to scan, align, fuse and polish scan data for creation of fully healed mesh models ready for 3D printing or for output to CGI or CAD modelling software.
CAD Tool CD CAD Tool
Transforms scans into surfaces for CAD modelling. Convert scan data meshes into NURBS and transfer to CAD. Automatically section scans and output NURBS splines to CAD. Specify part top, bottom, sides, and origin before surfacing. One-button automatic surface creation through fishnet drape.
Rapid Works CD Rapid Works
Brings smart physical modelling power to CAD platforms. Full-featured solution to make CAD parts from scan points. Outputs IGES, STEP, and SLDPRT for transfer to CAD systems. Full RapidformXOR2 features. The most advanced in the world. Automated feature extractor reduces drafting labour up to 90%. Fully parametric model with true SolidWorks Feature Tree output.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows XP, Vista 7 & 8, 64-Bit, 2.5 Ghz Dual-core, 4GB RAM, 512MB Graphics, Powered USB 2.0 Hub